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These groups have adopted Formal Consensus
(or are using Formal Consensus on a regular basis)

  • Alaska Native Health Board
  • Alexander Technique International
  • Charlottesville Co-housing
  • Dance New England
  • Food Not Bombs
  • Grand Traverse Area Land Use and Transportation Study Coordinating Group
  • Haley House (Catholic Worker House in Boston)
  • Healthcare for the Homeless Clinicians Network - Steering Committee
  • Liberty Village Co-housing
  • Midwives Association of North America - Executive Committee
  • Montana Childcare Resource and Referral Network
  • On Earth Peace Assemble
  • Puget Ridge Co-housing
  • Shannon Farm Community
  • Sojourner House (Halfway house for homeless families in Boston)
  • Takoma Village Co-housing
  • Terra Firma Co-housing
  • A number of local Green Party chapters

Food Not Bombs Publishing
7304 Carroll Ave #136
Takoma Park, MD 20912

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