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The following is a list of words and phrases from the Vision Statement. Each needs to be defined, in two or three paragraphs (or more), by the membership. This would be a living document, meaning the definitions would evolve, over time, to more accurately reflect the intent and consent of the group.
  • Common unity
  • faith in action
  • sovereignty of the individual
  • personal responsibility
  • community
  • Collective
  • committed
  • open and honest communication
  • create an open and safe environment
  • conflict
  • nonviolence
  • the ability to resolve conflict without violence
  • living simply
  • non-possessive
  • honest
  • egalitarian
  • relationships with consenting peers
  • all students and teachers
  • unconditional support to those dependent upon us
  • stewards of the earth and all her relations
  • sustainable systems
  • social order based upon honesty and trust, nonviolence and self-empowerment, and equality and democracy
  • an alternative society
  • vision
  • outbreak of peace
  • the hope and the future of society


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