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Common unity is faith in action. We recognize with sovereignty of the individual comes personal responsibility for the community. Collectively, we are committed to open and honest communication. Together, we can create an environment where conflict and differences are expressed openly and safely. Individually, we practice nonviolence. As individuals and as a group, we are constantly in the process of evolving the ability to resolve conflict without violence.

We are committed to living simply. We do not own people or things. We have open, non-possessive, honest, egalitarian relationships with consenting peers. We are all students and teachers. We give unconditional support to those dependent upon us. We are stewards of the earth and all her relations. We strive for sustainable systems in all our endeavors.

Within our community, we are creating a social order which is based upon honesty and trust, nonviolence and self-empowerment, and equality and democracy. Within the larger society, we are an alternative society with a vision of encouraging the outbreak of peace. We are not turning away from the existing society; we are the hope and the future of society.


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