On Conflict & Consensus
Formal Consensus
Flow Chart of Formal Consensus
Current Workshops
Four Founding Documents
Objectives of the Workshop

What people are saying about the Formal Consensus Workshop:

Thanks again, C.T. You've given me a valuable tool that I'm now able to spread 
to groups that need it."
--Julie Mazo, Mediation Trainer, Virginia

"Thank you for your presentation on consensus. The feedback I received was very positive. Everyone was also very appreciative of the way in which you were flexible to the 
needs of those in attendance."
--Denice Dennis, MPH, Project Director, HIV Consortium, Atlantic City, NJ

"I was really glad to see someone dealing so well with some of the pitfalls of consensus, particularly around blocking. I thought the book was brilliant, thanks for writing it."
--Vivien Sharples , Editor - Conscience,Seattle, WA

"[Butler is] a master of this art."

--Millennium Whole Earth Catalog

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