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Come to Tucson and help us stop the Andean Free Trade Agreement

Sunday, November 30 to December 4, 2004

Tuesday, November 30thCommunity Rally at opening ceremony outside the Tucson Convention Center, 260 S. Church (west side) at 11 amAn official AFTA luncheon starts at 12pm at the TCC. Be there at 11am if possible to greet the free-traders as they arrive!
7pm: AFTA TEACH-IN. Univ. of AZ College of Law. Room 146 (in back of main building). NW corner of Speedway/Mountain (parking in back). Panelists from South America and U.S.

Wednesday, December 1 12-1pm: Vigil at the Marriott Hotel Park near the UA campus. 880 E. 2nd St.
6:30pm: Dynamic Free Trade Skit (involves audience participation). Scrappy's. 201 E. Broadway. Downtown near Bus station.

Thursday, December 2nd 4:30pm: Global Unemployment Line. Gather at the Marriott Hotel. 7pm: Concert by Nicaraguan Duo "Guardabarranco." Unitarian Church. 4831 E. 22nd St. Donations accepted.

Friday, December 3rd, 3pm: Anti-AFTA March. Meet at Old Main at Univ. of AZ (near Park Ave. entrance). After a rally march will proceed to the Marriott Hotel Park where the AFTA negotiations are held. Late arrival come directly to the Marriot 4-5pm.
5pm: Borderlinks Open House/Dinner. $12 per person. 620 S. 6th Ave. Speakers on Borderlinks projects and Migrants crossing the desert. Music. Call 628-8263 to reserve and pay at door. Buffet dinner begins at 5pm.

Saturday, December 4th 11am-5pm: Shop Your Conscience (Fair Trade and Local Products). Fundraiser for Guatemala Medical Acupuncture Project. 1991 W. Calle Campana de Plata (between Grant and Speedway. west of Silverbell--follow signs). More info call 623-6620.
6pm: Jobs with Justice Annual Grinch Party with Caliche con Carne. $10 donation requested. Carpenters' Hall. 606 S. Plumer ( east of Campbell and south of Broadway).

Tucson is hosting Free Trade negotiations for the Andean region, between the US and Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. These negotiations could possibly break down around issues involving agriculture and intellectual property rights. The US is pressuring to come up with an agreement before inauguration day (January 20th). This could be a chance for us to add some much needed pressure to derail another neo-liberal, anti-environment, and anti-worker agreement.

Several fair trade groups are suggesting we take on organizing around this--and are sending people out here for the negotiations. If anyone is interested in doing something about this vital issue and these negotiations coming to our city, please, please, please drop me a line or give me a call.

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