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On Conflict and Consensus
A Handbook on Formal Consensus Decisionmaking
by C.T. Lawrence Butler  and Amy Rothstein
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"The content and the manner of your presentation were extremely effective in convincing all present that Formal Consensus is the proper tool for the future development of the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra. I can recommend you and your workshop without reservation to any other arts group."
Frank Letcher, MD, President & CEO of the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra
"I recommend C.T. Butler and Formal Consensus without reservation to anyone who is interested in helping groups function effectively and in the most humane and inclusive way possible."
Ann Macfarlane, RP (Registered Parliamentarian) ann(at)
"I highly recommend his services. His years of developing consensus into a workable and understandable system for decisionmaking have deepened democracy for hundreds of groups through the years. Formal Consensus decisionmaking is democracy in action."
Bob Davis, People's Food Coop, Portland, OR bdavis(at)


C.T. Butler and Fiopa Consensus Collective are on the road. The Direct Democracy Tour of 2012 is taking consensus training to Occupy sites across North America. To arrange a workshop or press interview, contact Wren Tuatha,, 410-458-2310.

Tulsa Symphony Orchestra Marks New Musical Era based on the use of Formal Consensus

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